International Green Energy Technologies Exhibition (EGET23) has a pioneering role aiming to bring together Piri Reis University’s sectoral, academic researchers, and Maritime R&D companies with sectoral stakeholders. The main goal of the Organising Committee is to bring the sector stakeholders together with the green technologies that have developed as a need with the regulations of IMO. For this purpose, Piri Reis University aims to expand this event where bilateral meeting opportunities are planned together with sectoral presentations.

Rectorate Welcome Message

On behalf of Piri Reis University (PRU), it is our honor to host and organize the International Green Energy Technologies Exhibition (EGET23), which we aim to develop as this prestigious international event. I sincerely greet all companies, organizations, associations, and sectoral stakeholders participating in this beautiful event.

As Piri Reis University, we aim to raise individuals who have 21st-century competencies and can manage maritime education, with the vision of being one of the most respected universities in the world and a leader in the development of maritime education and technologies in our country. With EGET 23, one of our main objectives is to introduce innovations in maritime technologies and contribute to transformation in the light of information through sectoral sharing. In this sense, we will play an active role in the development of maritime technologies and in bringing the trained manpower, which is the most important factor in the transformation of our maritime sector by the traditions of the age, to the sector.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Piri Reis University

Chair’s Welcome Message

It is our great honor to invite you to the International Green Energy Technologies Exhibition (EGET23) which will be held at Piri Reis University, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey. The EGET23 has been aimed and organized successfully as a leading Exhibition and invites all industry players to share and collaborate in green transition technologies. EGET23 will be a remarkable event with an even wider reach in terms of technical content, networking opportunities, and an effective program for the sectorial stakeholders.

EGET23 has been developed as an effective event with sectoral presentations, company stands, and the world-renowned and well-attended 14th International Exergy Energy and Environment Symposium, which has been developed in cooperation. Our event, which will provide technical information and cooperation opportunities, especially for the maritime sector on green transition technologies, will provide a sharing with expert stakeholders. For this purpose, it will provide an exchange that will add value to the development of developing technologies for green transition, the impact of new policies and sustainability, and provide a sectoral contribution to solutions.

In addition to events such as a welcome reception and gala dinner, you will also have the chance to visit the most magnificent places in Istanbul. We also plan to include a rich social program, including technical visits to university laboratories. You will have the opportunity to experience and observe the unique Turkish culture, hospitality, and beauty of Istanbul.

We endeavor to ensure that EGET23 will be a valuable, impactful, and enjoyable event.

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee
Symposium Chair